Watch Out For Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend

Whenever you start a new relationship with a girl, there will inevitably be somewhat of a tug-of-war between you and your girlfriend’s best friend for your girlfriend’s attention. This is because before you came around the best friend had a monopoly on your girl’s attention, but then you show up, and your girl starts to spend more time with you and less with her, mainly because you have a dick and you provide orgasms.


It’s exactly the same way with guys. When your best friend gets a girlfriend, he will spend more time with her and will generally be more flakey with you. You can’t complain. You can’t compete with pussy after all.



Whenever you start a new relationship with a girl, it’s important to keep an eye out for her best friend. You may get along just fine with the best friend, but there will always be some resentment there, especially if your girl makes a habit of flaking on her best friend to hang out with you.


Is her best friend single or in a relationship? If she is in relationship, is it a good one or does she cheat on her boyfriend? If she has a good relationship with her boyfriend then it usually translates positively to your relationship, since it means she will be less needy for your girl’s attention. Also, girls generally want their friends to be like themselves, so if the best friend is in a happy relationship, she’ll want your girl to be in one as well. This can actually work to your advantage. She’ll actually work to keep your relationship happy like hers, so when your girl goes to her best friend to complain about what an “asshole” you are, she’ll be supportive to help keep you together.


However, if the best friend is single or in a shitty relationship with lying and cheating, then she will want the same for YOUR girl and she will actively work to sabotage your relationship.



I had been with my girlfriend for about a year and had met my girlfriend’s best friend numerous times. Let’s call her Kristin. She was usually really sweet face to face, but I knew there was resentment there. She was in a shitty relationship with a weak, needy guy that she cheated on regularly. This, along with the fact that my girl flaked on her to hang out with me numerous times, made me take notice.


One day, my girlfriend came to me to run a few things by me. She asked if it was okay to go on some kind of double date with Kristin. Kristin was meeting some guy and my girl would be meeting up with a guy that she knew from childhood. I knew the jig was up. Kristin was going to try to get my girl to cheat. However, I wasn’t worried. When you know how investment works in relationships, you become unshakable. My girl was heavily invested in my relationship, so I was curious to see how this would play out. I told her, “Sure, let me know how things go.”


Sure enough, after the “date” my girl gives me the lowdown. “Kristin tried to get me to cheat on you.” I just had to laugh. I knew Kristin was going to try to corrupt our relationship and I knew my girl wouldn’t fall for it. Relationships are incredibly predictable when you pay attention to how much your girl is investing in your relationship.




  • When your girl comes to her best friend to complain about you, she will try to paint you as the monster. “What an asshole! Why don’t you just break up with him?!”
  • She’ll try to bring your girl to the club or party to get her drunk and then encourage her to cheat on you. “Just do it, he’ll never know!”

  • She’ll try to bring your girl on some kind of double date and encourage her to cheat.


This is why it is so imperative to understand how investment works in relationships, so when other guys or her best friend attempt to sabotage the relationship that you have built, you can sleep tight knowing that your girl will not cheat.

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