The Virgin “Elbows Too Pointy” Complex

I think everyone can agree that looks can be SOMEWHAT subjective. What I consider my dream girl will look somewhat different from what you consider your dream girl. The girls I find the most attractive tend to be darker skinned, with little waists and somewhat muscular legs and asses. You might prefer tall, pale, blonds with thin bodies and big boobs. This is completely normal. However, I can almost guarantee, provided that you don’t have some kind of fat fetish, that both of us would agree that both girls are attractive.


Back in the day, I used to check out various internet forums, usually having to do with boxing or MMA. Some of the most poplar threads were ones where guys discussed the “hotness” of various girls. It wasn’t hard to identify the virgins. These guys would go nuts critiquing various girls from head to toe, pointing out every perceived flaw or blemish:



It didn’t matter that they have never even smelled a pussy of a girl that looked like the ones they were tearing down.


How do I know these guys were virgins or close to it? Because I was the same way. I think everybody is to some extent. When you don’t have much experience, you look at every girl as a potential girlfriend, wife, or mother of your children. You tend to think sex = girlfriend, wife, kids, so your evaluation of various girls becomes extremely narrow.


When you get laid a lot, you don’t jump to the same conclusions. When you see an attractive girl, you tend to think more along the lines of, “She’s definitely bangable. Maybe not hot enough for exclusivity, but bangable.” It’s this way of thinking that separates the guys with a healthy sex life from the basement dwellers feverishly criticizing girls on their computer screens that are way out of their league.



When you don’t have much experience and are way too picky, you end up setting yourself up for failure. Not only will you rarely see a girl that is attractive enough for you, but when you actually do encounter one, you won’t have the experience necessary to pull the trigger and talk to her, ask her out, get laid, create a relationship, and maintain that relationship. The odds of a guy going from no girls to landing his dream girl are staggeringly small. What usually happens is the guy goes from no girls to finally getting laid with a girl that is “good enough” and then making that girl his girlfriend.


When you stop looking at every girl as a prospective wife or girlfriend, you have a lot more girls to choose from and build up your experience. Then when you do find that dream girl that ticks all of your boxes, you will be prepared to make the most of the opportunity.

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