The Factors That Affect Retaining Girls

Alright, you managed to get laid with a hot girl, and now you’re looking forward to seeing this girl again in either a casual or serious relationship, but unfortunately that next time never happens. You will at some point encounter girls who had a great sexual experience with you and you both really clicked, but you never end up seeing them again. You were obviously physically attractive enough for the girl if she allowed sex to happen, but for whatever reason she doesn’t want to see you again. What the hell, right? In this article, I will go over the factors that affect whether or not you retain girls after sex. I’ll leave the most important factor to the end.


Keep in mind, how you meet a girl will have a big impact on your odds of retaining her. What this means is if you met the girl from online dating, she will be more picky about these factors, where as if you met her from cold approach or social circle she will be less picky about these factors. This is a result of the endless options girls have online, so retention becomes more difficult.



Believe it or not, girls will hook up with guys with no intention of ever seeing them again because he’s hot and she’s horny. These are usually the girls who are in some kind of relationship with another guy. In these cases, the girl will usually choose a hot guy that knows his way around women, so they know he won’t get needy and stalk them after having sex. She knows she’s not going to be see him again, so she wants to make sure that the guy is a player, so he doesn’t freak out when she ghosts him later. These girls are usually cheating on a boyfriend with you or are in some kind of open relationship. Take being pumped and dumped as a compliment – all she wanted from you was your dick for the night.


Girls in this situation usually choose the hottest guys they can get. You’ll be able to identify these girls by how the act after sex. If you had a great round of sex that she clearly enjoyed and you clearly got along great, but she still politely declines meeting again, there’s most likely a boyfriend in the picture. You’ll find these girls mostly at the bar and online.



Yep, race is most definitely a factor in whether or not a girl sees a future with you. Some girls are worried about what their friends and family will think of them if they have certain race of boyfriend. The girl may have no problem fucking a guy of a different race since her social circle won’t know, but having a relationship with such a guy is a definite NO. If that’s the case, then you most likely not see the girl again.



The highest odds of retention in terms of age, tends to be a few years older than the girl you laid. I’ve banged a lot of girls over 10 years younger than me, but retention was difficult with girls from online because I had little boyfriend potential. Most girls don’t want to have to explain to their friends and family that their boyfriend is way older than them. One option is to lie about your age until after you’ve being seeing each other for a month. By that time, she likely won’t care.



This is what most guys THINK is the most important factor in retaining girls after sex, but I’m afraid it’s not. Yes, giving a girl a great experience in bed for the first time increases your odds of seeing her again, but it’s far from being the most important factor. You could be the best lover she’s ever had, but if you don’t have long term boyfriend potential to her and she has lots of other options, she will keep looking. Your goal should be to make her cum when having sex for the first time to increase your odds of retention, but it likely won’t make or break you.

Now to get to the most important factor in regards to retaining girls after sex…



By far the most important factor in retaining girls for the long term is the amount of money you make or appears that you make or your potential to make money. Money won’t do much to help you get laid, but it definitely helps to retain girls. Girls are looking to invest time in guys that have long term financial stability. They will be able to assess how much money you make by your job title, car, and place of residence. If it looks like you make as much or more money than she does, you have a high probability of retaining her.


I emphasize the importance of looking like you make a lot of money because you could be a small business owner that is well off, but if you live in a cheap studio apartment with milk crate furniture, she’ll just assume you’re financially unstable and screen you out relationship contention. Conversely, you could be in debt up to your eyeballs, but if your pad and car look fresh, she’ll just assume you’re financially stable, resulting in high odds of retention.


If you’re still in university or young enough to be in university, you won’t have much trouble retaining girls because you’re not expected to have much financial stability. However, if you’re past the university age, look to date young girls who are still in university, since they won’t care as much about your financial situation. If you don’t make much money, your goal should be to improve this situation ASAP. The more money you make or appears that you make, the easier it will be to retain the hottest girls.



Does this mean that all girls are really gold diggers? Not at all. Both men and women are genetically driven to mate with the people with the best genes possible (best looking people possible). However, women have one extra criteria for long term investment and that is: Can he provide for a family? It does an attractive woman no good to get knocked up by a handsome guy if he can’t provide a suitable environment to raise a family. Women are genetically driven to invest in guys who have the potential to raise a family – you can’t blame them for that any more than you can blame men for wanting a young, hot ass wife.


Just to reinforce this point again, these factors play the biggest importance to the girls you meet online. You will have more wiggle room with your age, race, sex quality, and financial situation with the girls that you meet from cold approach and social circle because the competition is less fierce.

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