How To Spot DTF Girls At The Bar

I remember going to the club back in the day and seeing massive groups of girls all dressed to the 9s and I thought, “Damn, there’s so many hot chicks in this place. This place is awesome!” But with experience, you start to see the big picture.

Contrary to what the PUA dorks tell you, the majority of the girls you see going to the bar and club are NOT looking for dick. Most are just looking to soak up attention from guys, flirt, get free drinks, and dance with their friends. It’s a pretty sweet deal for an attractive girl at the club. A bunch of guys competing for your attention and buying you stuff, basically treating you like a celebrity, and then when it gets late, you all head out with your girlfriends and the leave the guys with blue balls. Girl Power!

Those big groups of hot girls used to drive me crazy with lust back in the day, but now when I look at them, all I can think is, “Well, none of them is getting laid tonight.” It’s true. When girls go out in a big group, they have to be very careful about their social reputation. If one of them hooks up with a guy, then word quickly spreads about how “easy” she is and she loses status within the group. Can’t have that. They basically all have to compete to see who the biggest cocktease can be without actually getting any cock. They all police each other, so the bigger the group, the bigger the social consequences are from hooking up with a guy.

However, not all girls at the bar are looking to pretend that they are a celebrity for the night. There are some girls out there that are PLANNING on getting laid that night just like you are. Yes, that’s right. As much as you might want to attribute getting laid at the bar to your “game” or whatever else, the girls that get laid at the bar were planning for it before the night even started. It’s the reason they waxed their pussies and only went out with one or two of their closest friends that won’t judge them for getting laid. It just takes a keen eye to spot them, don’t worry it’s not very hard.


Knowing that some girls at the bar are planning on getting laid that night, how do you identify them without having to hit on every girl at the bar? Here are some things to look for to narrow down your search:

Look for girls that are alone, or with one or two friends. When a girls is with one or two friends, they are usually very close and know all each others’ dirty little secrets, so they don’t have to protect their reputation and pretend that they don’t hook up with guys.

Keep a close eye out for girls that started out in a big group, but now only a few remain. What happens is a big group of girls will arrive together, but as the night wears on, most of the conservative/judgmental girls will pack it in early, leaving the more adventurous girls the opportunity to get laid. Pounce on these girls, they are highly likely to be DTF. Why else would they still be at the club if most of their friends already left?

DTF girls will often look bored and will be scanning the room a lot. They are basically looking for good looking guys to come chat them up.

Also keep an eye out for girls that are just looking at their phones. Girls and people in general will often just randomly look at their phones to pretend that they are busy doing something in a public environment. Start a conversation. If she immediately perks up and engages you, keep escalating. If she looks more interested in her phone, cut bait.

Confirming that a girls is DTF basically involves starting a conversation and quickly escalating your touch. So you start with squeezing her arm or leg, and if it’s loud, put your hand on her waist and pull her in close to talk in her ear. If she sticks around then invite her out to grab a night cap, or food or whatever convenient excuse you have for leaving the bar.

That’s about it. Happy hunting.

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