How To Limit Flakey Phone Numbers

Whenever you approach random girls and take phone numbers a certain amount of flakiness is unavoidable. I’m sure you’ve all had this experience:

You start a conversation with an attractive girl, the conversation flows like you’ve known each other forever, she laughs at your jokes, you make a real “connection”, you get her phone number, she responds your texts, but when you pitch the meet up…nothing. What the hell, right?


You didn’t do anything wrong, you just took the number of a sexually unavailable girl.


When you first start out talking to girls you don’t know, getting a phone number can seem like BIG deal. These small successes are important in the beginning because they fuel your motivation to keep going despite the inevitable rejections. However, there will come a time when getting phone numbers stops being exciting to you, and instead the flakey numbers start to get annoying.


I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to take phone numbers from girls who have no intention of meeting up with me. If she doesn’t want to meet up with me then I don’t want her phone number. Once you get tired of the validation that a phone number provides, then you are ready to screen girls. You can save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy by asking her one simple question before asking for her phone number.



When you’re just out to get phone numbers, the best way to screen girls is to simply ask, “Are you single?” at some point in the conversation. The vast majority of attractive women out there aren’t single and aren’t looking for another cock in their life, so asking this question quickly cuts through the bullshit and helps screen out the unavailable girls and saves you a ton of time. Therefore, you will technically get fewer phone numbers, but the ones that you do get will be more likely lead to something. Here’s how most of my conversations go down during the day (It’s boring small talk, since your words barely matter anyway)

Me: Hey, what are you up to? (Say anything, just get her talking)

Girl: Hey, just on my way home from work.

Me: Nice, where abouts do you work?

Girl: Oh, I work at the bank on Main street.

Me: That’s cool. How do you like it?

Girl: It’s not too bad. It pays the bills, but I’m not sure how much longer I’m gonna keep working there haha.

Me: I know the feeling haha. What’s your name by the way?

Girl: I’m Kylie. (Shake hand)

Me: I’m Tom. Well Kylie, are you single?

Girl: Haha yes.

Me: Well would you like to grab drinks or hot chocolate sometime?

Girl: Haha sure

Me: Ok what’s your number?


That’s all it takes. It doesn’t matter how funny you are or how amazing your “connection” is. If a girl is available and interested, your conversation can be simple and boring because like I said earlier, the words barely matter. Just don’t say anything dumb and you’re golden. This won’t completely eliminate flakey numbers, but it will go a long way in reducing them.


Some of you might be worried about possibly screening out girls who may not be single, but are still open to hooking up with you. If that’s the case, the girl will often let you know that the relationship isn’t all that great. If you get that sense, then take her number and try to set something up. Keep in mind that girls that are open to cheating on their current boyfriend are not usually found in random day time locations. You usually find these girls online, at the bar, or vacationing without the boyfriend where sex can happen THAT NIGHT.


Don’t ask if a girl is single in environments where you have the logistics to get laid like at the bar, at a party or online. These are locations where a girl’s relationship status doesn’t mean very much. If a girl is in these environments without her boyfriend, there’s a good chance she is there to find a guy to fuck, so don’t make her feel guilty by asking if she is single.



When you are taking phone numbers, ask the girl if she is single before asking for the phone number and when you are trying to get laid that same day or night, don’t.

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