Exposure Is The Most Important Factor In Handling Your Sex Life

The most important part in getting laid and getting relationships that has been completely ignored by the mainstream community is the importance of exposure. How many hot girls you are exposed to in your daily routine will determine the quantity and the quality of the girls that you get.



Mainstream sites usually discuss the importance of location on a macro level. They often harp about going to Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe or whatever country to get laid. While the country you live in definitely plays a part in your success, I argue that the city that you live in and where you live in that city plays an even bigger part. Futhermore, how many people actually have the means to move to another country just to have an easier time getting laid? It’s far more practical to simply move to a part of a large city with high population density, usually downtown, to increase your exposure to more women.


Look, there’s a reason why businesses spend outrageous amounts of money on leasing downtown store fronts. More foot traffic = more potential customers that see your business = more people try your business = more $$$$. Just like where you start your business will determine your potential profit, where you live in a city will play a big part in the quantity AND quality of girls that you get.


I’ll use a fishing analogy to hammer this point home. Your buddy shows you some crazy pictures from his fishing trip over the weekend – nothing but pictures of trophy fish. What’s the first question that pops into your head? It’s not:

“How did you catch those fish?” or “What bait did you use?”

The most important questions is:

“WHERE did you catch those fish?!”


It’s the single most important factor in his success. It’s the reason why all fisherman keep their best fishing holes a secret to their grave. Location matters the most. If you want to catch lots of fish, you have to go where there are LOTS of fish – it’s the same for catching girls.



I spent a lot of time living in the suburbs of Vancouver. I’ll give you a quick rundown of my daily routine during that time and see if you can spot the problem.



My alarm goes off at 7:00am, I shower, get dressed, and have breakfast. I drive for half an hour and arrive at work by 9:00am. I work a sausage party job for 8 hours and arrive back home at 5:30pm. I make dinner and eat. The time is now 7pm and I head to the gym. I work out for an hour, but there’s rarely any attractive girls there because the gym has a “women’s only” section that most of them use, so the public gym is 90% dudes. The few women that do use the public section are with their boyfriends. I finish the workout at 8:00pm and remember I need to get some groceries, so I drive over to the grocery store. While that the grocery store, I spot one hot chick that looks like my dream girl looking at apples in the produce section…with her boyfriend. FUCK! Filled with scarcity and frustration that some chump is going home to fuck that hot chick, while I head home to spend the last couple of hours of the day eating, surfing the internet, watching TV/movies or playing video games before going to sleep. For that entire day, not one opportunity. Is it any wonder why I was on a major cold streak? With so few opportunities, I was destined for failure. Needless to say, getting laid and having quality relationships was rough in the suburbs, but I did eventually find paths to sexual abundance by increasing my exposure. More on that in a future article: City vs Suburban Game.



Now let’s have a look at my daily routine when I lived downtown as comparison – see if you can spot the difference. My alarm goes off at 7:30am, I shower and have breakfast. I leave my apartment at 8:30am and walk to work for 15 minutes. During that walk, I pass by about 20 girls, some girls hold my eye contact and smile back at me. I arrive at work and stay there for 8 hours, finishing at 5:30pm. After finishing work, during the walk home I see a smoking hot girl waiting at the same cross walk. Since my exposure is so high and I see hot girls everyday, my mind doesn’t freak out about it. I start basic small talk with her: What are you up to? What’s your name? Are you single? Blah blah (The words barely matter by the way). I grab the digits, and make my way back home. I get home and make dinner. I finished dinner at 7:00pm and walk to the gym. On the way to the gym, I pass by many girls on the street until one girl catches my eye and she smiles back when I smile. We chat for a bit. Maybe I get the digits, maybe I don’t. What matters is the opportunities: the more girls you hit on, the more you get laid. I get to the gym and there are lots of hot chicks around since there is no “WOMEN’s ONLY” section. I spot a super hot fitness chick sneaking glances at me on a stationary bike. I sit on a bike beside her and make small talk. I invite her over for protein shakes after the workout, but she’s got an exam tomorrow that she has to cram for. I take her number instead. I get home at 8:00pm. I eat, relax and go to bed. Do you see now how much easier it is to get laid when you are exposed to so many girls? Not only will your quantity be higher, but your quality will be higher as well. This is also true for online game when you live downtown.



There’s a reason why you rarely see bartenders, doormen, waiters, fitness instructors, D.Js,, and lifeguards online looking for dating and relationship advice. In fact, the whole idea of cold approaching girls is stupid to them, “Why would I do that? Getting chicks is easy bro”. Yeah, no shit it’s easy. When you’re exposed to numerous chicks everyday, approaching strangers isn’t even necessary. It’s only necessary once their dating prospects dry up when they leave their job as a bartender and “upgrade” to an accounting career that cold approach becomes appetizing option. Every time I read about a guy that’s “naturally good with women”, “Naturals” as the community calls them, they always have some job or lifestyle factor that exposes them to LOTS of hot girls, so OF COURSE they have success. They get to play the numbers game everyday for 8 hours a day! Think about how many girls they get exposed to in a week. Now compare that to how many girls you get exposed to in a week- it’s not even close!


I’ve worked some of these jobs in the past, and let me tell you, getting laid or finding a hot girlfriend was never a problem. For example, let’s take a look a waiter’s routine. Firstly, he works 8 hours a day in a environment where the female coworkers outnumber the male works quite heavily. Many of the female coworkers will be attractive, with some of them being sexually available. You’ll often have after parties with the staff which makes hook ups and dating incredibly easy. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met a waiter that didn’t have a hot girlfriend. Not only do you have tons of exposure to the staff, you have exposure to new girls every day with those girls being the customers. Most restaurants will pair male tables with female waitresses and female tables with male waiters. This creates a flirty dynamic that usually means more tips for you and the restaurant, a better experience for the customers, and more dates for you if you’re willing to pull the trigger. Lastly, your routine is pretty much composed of flirting with girls all day and talking with happy customers, so you soak up a ton of validation which makes cold approach incredibly easy if you ever feel the need.


Most guys don’t have the luxury of working the kind of jobs that makes snagging girls a cakewalk. Most guys are unfortunately stuck working jobs that are pretty much sausage parties for 8 hours a day. If you work in such an environment and getting a new job with more exposure isn’t an option, then read this article City vs Suburban Game.



The next time you wonder why a guy with comparable or even less looks than you, is crushing it while you’re struggling, forget about his “game”, and look at how much exposure he’s getting. There’s a good chance he’s playing the numbers game way harder than you without even noticing it because his daily routine exposes him to way more girls. Exposure really is the most important factor in sorting out your sex and relationship life.

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