City Game vs Suburban Game

I’ve already discussed how the most important factor in your success with women is based on your daily routine of exposure to women, so in this article I’ll go over what you can do to increase your exposure to women when your daily exposure is low.



Honestly, if you live in a location with lots of foot traffic with lots of attractive women nearby, you probably won’t even be reading this article. Once a guy looks decent and puts himself around a lot of attractive women, his girl troubles usually sort themselves out pretty quickly. If you live in a location where you can walk out your door and see attractive women that you can approach within five minutes and you are not getting laid consistently, your problem is either that your looks aren’t up to par or that you’re a shut in that barely leaves his house. Approach Anxiety is rarely a problem for most city dwelling guys because when you live in a population dense environment, you become less anxious about being around large groups of people, while also getting checked out by a lot more interested girls. These two factors usually make approaching strangers a lot easier for the city dwelling guys. Once you are consistently leaving the house and putting yourself around lots of people, your Approach Anxiety gradually decreases until you are comfortable enough to start conversations with strangers.


City dwelling guys usually don’t even realize how easy they have it when it comes to women. The amount of exposure you get while living in a population dense environment makes daygame, night game, and online game infinitely more efficient.


When you live in such an environment, you run into plenty of attractive girls that you can hit on during your daily routine and because your logistics are so good, it makes getting laid that same day a lot easier instead of having to go for phone numbers.


Furthermore, picking up girls from the bar is equally easy when you live within walking distance of the venue. Not only that, but online game is also way easier because you are closer to more girls. You can even capitalize on all the DTF girls at the bar while not even leaving your house. Just hop on Tinder at night on the weekend and screen for DTF girls that didn’t find a guy that they liked at the bar. When they can’t find a guy that they like at the bar, many will hop online to find a guy. It’s a pretty sweet deal for the girl: either she has to go through the inconvenience finding and paying for a taxi to go back home alone and horny or she takes a short walk to a sexy guy’s pad, gets laid, and gets a comfortable sleep in his bed. It’s a no-brainer. You can get laid like a champ this way without even having to leave the house or spend money at the bar.


Living downtown makes getting laid and getting girlfriends easier during the day, night, and online because of the amount of exposure you get – it really is the most important factor.



The majority of guys reading this article will most likely be living in suburban environments with minimal daily exposure to attractive women. Living downtown in a major city is usually a lot more expensive, so simply moving downtown is not an option for a lot of guys. However, there are some things you can do to increase your daily exposure to women without moving. You basically want to try to set up a routine that has you out of your house and exposed to as many women as possible.



Look for jobs that put you in a lot of contact with women. These jobs include, bartender, doorman, waiter, lifeguard, any job at a gym, mall or hospital. Preferably you want a job where your co workers are girls and the job has you interacting with many new customers. This is how regular guys get laid without having to cold approach or do online dating.


Another option is to get a job downtown. This will force you to go to a high exposure environment at least 5 days a week. It’s easy to hit on a few chicks after work for 30 minutes everyday, since it’s already part of your routine. Spending just 30 minutes a day downtown, will greatly reduce your Approach Anxiety until you get comfortable enough to approach. Once you start approaching, you can easily find several attractive girls to approach within 30 minutes of being downtown.



The first time I ever experienced sexual abundance was from consistently taking transit to work. I had a car, but I decided to take transit to avoid traffic. However, this decision had some interesting side effects. First, it forced me out of my bubble in my car and in front of more people and when I got exposed to more girls, some are bound to check me out. This greatly reduced my Approach Anxiety. It wasn’t long before I was hitting on girls at the train station and bus stops after work. I had multiple dates with hot girls every week and getting laid consistently and the great thing about it was, it was part of my daily routine. I didn’t need to ‘sarge’. I always felt like a bit of a loser if I left the house with the sole purpose of hitting on chicks and taking transit to work solved that problem.



In most big cities, you’ll find neighborhoods that have very different demographics. In Vancouver, you’ll find white neighborhoods, Asian neighborhoods, Fresh Off the Boat Asian neighborhoods, Brown neighborhoods, and mixed bag neighborhoods. Therefore, if you’re a guy that digs white chicks, but you live in a neighborhood with few whites, then it will be hard for you to find girls that really excite you.


I once had a Canadian-born Korean girl break down my personal demographic problem so perfectly, it was like she could read my mind. I met this chick on Tinder. She lived downtown which is primarily white, and I lived in an area which is primarily FOB Chinese. After having sex, we were cuddling and she said:

“You know what your problem is? You live in the wrong neighborhood. I don’t think you’d like FOB girls and I don’t think they’d like you.”

She was dead on. I like girls that put a lot of effort in their appearance. That means hair, makeup, and fashion. FOBs are usually pretty easy to pick out because they DON’T put a lot of effort in their appearance. They are usually pretty plain looking. Once they have been here a while, they start to put effort into their appearance to compete with the local girls. This also explains why so many of my lays came from outside of my FOB neighborhood.


Every guy has their own preference for what girls really turn them on, so explore your city to find where the type of girls that you like are in more abundance. Once you find an area that has the kind of demographic that you like, then just start planning consistent shopping trips in those areas.



Instead of loading up a shopping cart full of groceries that will last you a few weeks, take smaller shopping trips that will provide you enough food for a few days. This will force you out of the house more and increase your exposure.



Once you get your looks sorted out and a good set of pictures, hitting on girls online will be a big game changer for a lot of guys. I go over how to get to laid online in this article. The great thing about being online is the convenience. You can hit on girls without ever having to leave the house. You can be an “abusive reclusive like Dr. Doom” and get laid like a champ if your pics are good enough.



Most definitely, living downtown is the easiest and most effective way to get laid and get hot girlfriends. However, with a few lifestyle tweaks, like changing your job, taking transit, shopping more frequently, or using online dating apps, you can build a life of sexual abundance without the high financial costs of urban living.

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