Body Language – Not Completely Bullshit

When it comes to getting laid or getting a hot girlfriend, your body language will NOT make or break you. Furthermore, whether an approach goes well or not has little to nothing to do with your body language. I’ve laid too many girls while having “bad” body language to be convinced otherwise. However, being aware of your own body language does have some positives.



Believe it or not, your body language can have a big impact on how much anxiety you feel. There’s a TED talks video on this phenomena. It basically works like this. When you put your body into confident postures, you actually FEEL more confident. Conversely, when you put your body into nervous postures, you FEEL more anxious.



This is the kind of body language that guys who don’t get laid will call “douchey”. Basically, stand tall, with your head high, shoulders down, and chest out. You look confident and when you look confident you start to FEEL confident.



Have you ever seen your reflection in a window when you’re anxious about something? Your face is tense, your head is low and pushed forward, your shoulders are raised, and your chest is pushed inward. It’s not a pretty sight.



I think most guys’ approach anxiety has to do with the fear of looking bad in front of other people. I know that was my biggest fear. I was worried that the girl and anyone watching would think I was a loser if I got rejected. However, body language can play a big part in solving this problem.


Have you ever watched a guy approach a girl with bad body language and get rejected? You feel embarrassed for him. You can’t help but think, “Damn, poor guy probably never gets laid.”


Now watch a guy with confident body language get rejected. You can see he doesn’t give a fuck. Despite being “rejected”, he’s got a smirk on his face and his head is held high. You don’t feel embarrassed for him. In fact, anyone watching feels a sense of admiration. Confident body language keeps you from looking like a loser regardless of the outcome – body armor baby.



Then next time you feel anxious about talking to girls, take a deep breathe and breath out all that anxiety, hold your head high, relax your shoulders, and push your chest out. Focus on maintaining this posture and saying your line – that’s it. Win, lose, or draw, you will not look like a loser.

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