Approaching A Girl With Her Friends

Approaching a girl who is alone is different than approaching a girl who is with her friends. Her friends end up being one more variable that can make or break you.



Way back in high school, I remember hanging out at a fast food restaurant in the evening with about 5 of my friends. While we were goofing around, a hot chick came out of no where and approached my friend Mark right in front of all of us. She thought Mark was cute so she gave him a note with her name and phone number on it. We couldn’t believe the balls on this chick. She definitely had more confidence than any of us had at the time.


However, as soon as she left to go sit with her friends, one of my other buddies, Scott, got jealous and did his best to put her down. “Holy shit, what a slut! I dare you to go ask her for a blowjob in the bathroom.”


I don’t know if Mark actually thought that would work or maybe he just wanted to give us a laugh, but he went ahead and did it. The results were predicable. She told him to fuck off and we all had a good laugh.


Now if you thought Scott pulled a dick move, that doesn’t come anywhere close to the cockblock ninjitsu that a girls’ jealous friends will unleash on when you are out of earshot.



Just like how Scott got jealous of Mark and did his best to ruin his chances of a hot lay or awesome girlfriend, the same thing happens when you approach a girl who is with her friends. Make them jealous and they will do their best to spoil your fun.


Let’s say you go and approach two girls waiting at a bus stop. One is clearly hotter than the other, so you basically spend 2 to 5 minutes chatting up the hot one, while ignoring her friend. The conversation goes well and you grab the number and split. Guess what happens as soon as you leave? Cockblock incoming…

“OMG Amanda! What a creeper. Don’t tell me you’re actually serious about meeting up with that guy?!”


Now the girl you approached is forced between a rock and a hard place. Either she loses status with her friends by going out with you, or she preserves her status and you never see her again. She will choose to preserve her status pretty much every time. So how do you prevent this from happening?



“What are you girls up to this evening?” Include all of the girls in the conversation. No favorites. Get all of their names with a handshake and make sure to remember the hot one’s name. After 2 to 5 minutes, “Well, you girls seem cool, what are your numbers?” Have each one of them put their numbers in and remember the hot one’s name. “Well, it was nice meeting you girls, I’ll see you around.” Guess what happens when you leave?

“OMG that guy was so hot! Who do you think he’s going to text?”

Now every girl thinks she has a shot, so there is no jealousy. Because you included everyone, you are not a “creepy” stranger anymore. Instead of talking shit about you, they’ll talk about how hot, sexy, or cool you were.


When it comes to texting the girl that you are interested in, I generally try to time it so her friends won’t be with her when I text. This is to prevent her friends from getting jealous and trying to talk her out of seeing me. Use your better judgment to send your first text at a time when you think she will be alone.


The great thing about this, is now she doesn’t take a hit to her reputation by going out with you, she actually gets a reputation boost because all of her friends thought you were the shit. She now has bragging rights that SHE got the guy over everyone else.



Talking to the girl’s friends isn’t AS important in night venues where you are trying to get laid that night. Trying to engage in a conversation with multiple people in a loud environment can make things awkward, so it’s usually best to just focus on the girl that you are interested in. If one of her friends tries to cockblock THEN talk with her a bit so she doesn’t feel left out. This way you’re not “the creeper that’s trying to fuck Sandra”, you’re the “sexy, cool guy that gets to know everyone”.

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